Portfolio - 1

Most of my recent work has been to build valid XHTML/CSS layouts from visuals supplied by other designers - in the list below, only those urls marked * are my visual design, but they are all my code.

Because I work for other designers, linking to examples of my work for them is a sensitive issue, so there's a lot of work that I can't link to here. If you're a designer looking for a stress free way to turn your visual into valid code, I'm your man.

screenshot of new design for the Black Country Living Museum

Black Country Living Museum*

A completely new design to refresh the existing content - Designed in Fireworks CS4 and Hand Built to work in a healthy range of browsers. It utilises a smattering of jQuery to assist with the CSS and looks nicer in Safari and Firefox, but still okay in Internet Explorer.

More additions to come, so watch this space.

Volcano Estates

Volcano Estates

Working with another design team I created templates from PSD's and adapted the code from Lanz Luxury villas (a sister site), created some new functions - save villas, and manage pdf's and generally beefed up the image management system.


Lanz Luxury Villas

Working with another design team I created templates from PSD's and, to remain in budget, reworked the existing PHP/MySQL to create new functionality, e.g. the gallery of villas and the image galleries on the villa detail sites. The admin section was made more secure and extended to allow automatic image creation.

hyper happen web site screenshot

Hyper Happen

design by addicted2tv, powered by a CMS by dandylogic, my role was to build templates from photoshop files supplied - refresh the pages a few times and you'll see the CSS driven randomness in action - boxes move slightly, notches change etc.


Hyperion Interactive

This site was almost complete, but the CSS wasn't working in all browsers so I rebuilt it to get compatibility and used a valid Flash inclusion method and some css positioning to provide no flash alternatives to the movie on the home page.

your asia holidays

Your Asia Holidays

I worked on back end content and message management systems including the trip planner form and functionality - rather than on build or design site.